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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stann Smith - Hakeem (Song Lyrics)

  My Rhyme Scheme Olajuwon Hakeem/ Versatile I spit a style they gotta point 5ds Mark 2s at the Crew with the homebrew tees that say EKOET Im from Brooklyn Rest in peace to steez I continue/ Inteligence laced inside the riddle like syrup in a mcgriddle on a mickey ds menu/ for sweet /compete/ police ride in continentals or unmarked vans tryna off the man with the dark hands./ More chalk on black floors then school blackboard/ Hash bought to school rebels blaze em in Bathroom stalls/ The monkey on his shoulder look gorilla size/ He barely realize he busy getting high/ Them killers get the drop on em then he finna die/ They could see the set em up with his chinky eyes/ Believing lies was his first mistake chasing thighs was the second/ Use the weakness as a weapon/ them demons step in/ Eagles cant detect em/ Better bring your desert eagle or your smith n Wesson close before you left a ghost/ I rep the coast of Big L biggie and Nasir/ The style rare/ Brothers Jack it but Im Montclair/ Yeah

·      My Rhyme scheme Olajuwon Hakeem (So What That Mean) x3
·      Hands up While I go off on 3 EKOET

My Rhyme scheme Olajuwon hakeem/ got a rocket in my jeans/ filled with ink that bleeds/ on standard size loose leaves but her eyes intrigued on something else below my belt that’ll melt Ice Cream/ Im not that type of brother Im a fighter not a lover for my freedom/ You don’t see me dodging undercovers in my region/ Better find another brother dumb enough to treat you. I got a wife who nice to me who never been deceitful/ keep it equal but I call her brown sugar/ I make her change her clothes when she look like hooker/ I hate to go shopping Im The Shopping cart pusher/ cuz she love to look around and I be gone when she look up (huh)/ Im so Brooklyn so I say whats up son/ Anywhere so you know where Im from/ I keep it Cere the real know what Im about son/ The fake creaming out How come? C’mon (HAHA)



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