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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stann Smith - What's The Hurry (Song Lyrics)

What's the Hurry or The Value of Your Money
What's the Specs of the Amastad or Ships they had us Locked Inside
3.5 in College Making Beats And Writing Rhymes
Study Like a Dummy Getting As Like Every other Time
Performing up in Bars Like Im Buddy Guy
Gil Scott Said the Revolution Wont Be Televised
So No Televisions in My Residences
Project Nikki Giovanni Through My Gold Mogamis
Morakami Cant Save Me From My Own Yami
Feed Me Digital Food Like a Tamagotchi
Give me Digital Rooms and Simulated Hobbies
We Virtually Consume They Assume About Me
They Assume About Me We Virtually Consume 
They Assume About Me, 
They Assume About Me We Virtually consume they assume About Me
Chorus: What's The Hurry x 4

Envision Me Living Somewhere in White Plains
That'll Be The Day I'll Tell You That My Life Change
Abolish the Malice and do The Right Thing
Prolific as Richard I sit and Write Things
Jerome aint Graduate He Got To sell coke
For well off Figures pick it up at the Gulf Coast
He Really a Cop He gave him False Hope
Like a Hacked Iphone He'll be in Jailbroke
The Rowdiest Goals is the Cloudiest
Especially With Low life expectancy 
whats the Recipe of Acceptance With No Discrepancy
I Know I'll never be what they want and keep my integrity
They rather call me kid - Scott Mescudi
And Tell me dont Forget them When Im Big Just Remember Me
Cuz Love Could turn to hate and Kill the Biggest Dreams
Why you So Eager to leave out the Vicinity

What's The Hurry? x4

Welcome to Black History x8
 Welcome to Black History it's Something Like a Mystery
I wrote this on the Soul Train
With John Coltrane
Don Cornellius Too and Kurt Cobain
Said he'll take the Same Route
Went Home and Blew his Brains Out
Welcome To Black Historyx2
These Labels Eager to Sign Me 
Im Throwing up EKOET My Everykingers Behind Me



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