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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stann Smith - Withers (Song Lyrics)

Jeff Said I hate the Mainstream/
P3 said the Same thing/
Haywood told me Keep it up So Im Screaming Everyking/
they don't Understand me Imma Leader to the Full Extent/
Never Scared of failure cuz deep down inside I feel my shit/
Spent a Thousand Dollars on My MP thats money well invested huh?/
Clean Rap Sheet Im too smart to get arrested huh?/
Teachers all Counted me out Thats Pathetic huh?/
Now they all scratching their wigs The Synthetic Ones/
Now they say Im special like the Hohner Harmonica/
Girls keep Tryna Send Signals like Astronomers/
She wanna slide through cuz my Youtube Views
but tell her man go spend some Quality Time With her/
Chillin with my Girl in the Suburbs hit Clubs we on the Bill/
Go home Fix me up Good Food on the Foreman Grill/
Hit up Nut Discuss the Progress/
Tell them other Kids Coming you Suck We got next/

Withers x4

Cris Said Im Original/
G Said it's Organic/
Bupa Said Im Killin them with More Grip than Porsche Wheels/
It's Kinda Ironic when I used to hit the Bloggers/
and Ask Them to Put me on their Page they ignored me/
But as soon as My Buzz Got bigger They Put me on their Blogs/
Now I get more plays than NFL Clipboards/
I never pay attention to the Dreamkillers/
Love Constructive Criticism/
Never Could hinder the Vision/
It was never about winning/
And champagne sipping/
but skill is my meal ticket/
 and Im aware at where Im sitting/
Say a praire to the man upstairs we god's children/
'Pologize to the man upstairs them beats kicking/ they loud (They Loud)/
Im proud when I Look in Clear Mirrors/
I see a Self made Man Make a Career Eccentric/
Cant say the same for my peers so bear Witness/
Im signing off Here Go Bill Withers Name Smith

Withers x 4



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