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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stann Smith - BoomBap! (Song Lyrics)

BoomBap! Lyrics

Yeah I Drop Gems like a Motha/ Quick to Call a Fan my Brotha/ Never call a girl my lover/ Yup My name Smith/ Screaming Evryking pooput we almost famous/ Suited Up in some adidas stan smiths or Rod Lavers/ See me doing shows magazines want to intervene/ Always on the road or the streets cuz I do my Thing/ Nappy Headed fro let it grow staying Crisp clean/ Everybody Love Me cant compare me to them dummies/ cuz I make my own money/ You dont even own your masters/ Ya sucker ass label couldnt get a Show at NACA/ Marketing Guerilla/ Hip Hop instrumental builder/ Entrpreneur Im the black Derek Sivers/ Everybody love me so Im climbing up the Pillars/ You diving in the pool and you bald (balled) play billards/ I hustle in the pool hall you a pool swimmer/ You never seen a Cue Ball You a pool sticker/ I had an argument with a hipster/ He said I should get a deal with Arista/ and deal with the Risk of/ Shady ass A&Rs? Then he told me take his card/ I looked him dead in his face and told him kiss my arse? What you think I went to college for to get a job?? You the type to try to rhymes to buy a different car/ And it never resonate with fans/ So they're designating Stann/ to be the Heavyweight Champ/ The buy my shit cuz they're gon love it when they pop it in/ And they buy your shit cuz they're your friends/ (Oh Well) Way too cheap to sleep inside a hotel/ On tour cuz shows may not go well/ sleep in the back of the car or a hotel/ Profit aint guaranteed my love for it propels me/ even when we're having slow sales/ Rapping like my Predecessors? Boom Bap with no Bells/ I dont drink or dont smoke Ls/ Im not concerned with yo wack ass/ Heard You on your last Mixtape it was half ass/ Heard you on your new mixtape it wasnt that Bad/ Until you said Lego on the Drop and I just pressed stop/ Im not with the fads/ Mix the funk and the Jazz with da turntable scratch and the Wooka/ Levis and a Black T lke Booker/ But got to be a hip hop T like Pusha/ Luminate the Bass in the Beat with the kick drum/ In my Kingdom/ Thats Why them rappers tryna jock/ And they mad cuz they see me on the Come up/ Yeah Yup/ They try to throw shit at my shows/ Took De La Soul flow/ Im just a Mofo/ Sole in the Hole show/ But I did it fodolo/ No I did it with my Fam/ Evrykinghas Clan/ Put them posters on the wall/ Of the Undergrad Dorms/ Got my First Encore at Abigail/ Now I could lounge cuz my name's on the Club Bill/ I dont even drink liquor but I got my Cup Filled/ I dont know Promoters/ I booked it with the Owner/ So much second hand smoke it put me in a coma/ I started feeling dizzy by the smell of the Aroma/ Man I started choking cuz the smell was hella vulgar/ so they kicked him out the club and drunk his Coca Cola/ Man Im writing Rhymes about the world and how I see it/ These rappers writing lies about the girls they never bee with/ I cant write a club song cuz I never party/ Im all about my business wanna reach me then you call me/ If I dont answer leave a message or a text/ and I'll respond promptly to the number you request/ I dont think in music you can call yourself the best/ Cuz everybody bring something different from the next and Im bringing something fresh/



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